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When You Need Protection

Work should be a safe place where you can count on your employer to protect you from injury. When that’s not the case and you receive a work injury, you may face not only physical injury and recovery, but also financial hardship due to lost wages and mounting medical bills. You need someone to stand by your side and get you the compensation you deserve.

Your Team, At Your Service

At Hatfield & Hatfield, P.C., we are experienced workers’ compensation lawyers. We are famous throughout Georgia for our feuding – and we’re ready to go to fight for you. We have represented clients in matters such as:

  • Commercial vehicle accidents
  • Partial or permanent impairment
  • Workplace accidents, including amputation
  • Injuries incurred due to manual labor, such as carpal tunnel and back and shoulder injuries

Our firm is based in Waycross, and we have years of experience and skill navigating the local law enforcement system. We know what you need to do to give yourself your best shot at a favorable outcome.

Call Today For A Devoted Defender

To discuss your case with an experienced attorney, call our office today at 912-584-1175. You may also reach us through our online contact form. Your initial consultation will be free.