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What You Should Know About A DUI Charge

Driving under the influence (DUI) can happen to anyone. It’s an easy mistake to make. Unfortunately, DUI penalties can be severe. In Georgia, even a first-time offense may result in jail time in addition to fines or a suspended license. That’s why it’s crucial to talk to a lawyer as soon as possible when you might be facing charges for drunk driving or impaired driving.

As experienced DUI defense lawyers, our team at Hatfield & Hatfield knows that you have options. You don’t need to resign yourself to accepting stressful consequences like fines or the loss of your driving privileges. A good attorney can make not only the process easier but also the outcome better.

Our Team Knows What To Do To Help You

We have been representing clients accused of DUI for years.

We know that you don’t deserve the charges you’re facing. There are many ways that we may be able to help you. For instance, testing machines can be faulty. In some cases, you can be charged with driving under the influence even if your BAC is below the legal limit of .08. We have also seen cases in which law enforcement made mistakes while investigating. You need someone looking out to ensure that your rights are being respected while you are under investigation.

We believe in working hard to get our clients the most favorable results. For you, this could mean reducing or even eliminating charges if possible.

We’ll Fight For You

We are born and bred lawyers. This means that we have always believed in fighting for our clients. If you would like to talk to one of our lawyers about your situation, call our Waycross office at 912-584-1175 or reach out through our online contact form. We offer free initial consultations.